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Our Mattress Cleaning Services

The one place most people feel safe and secure is when they are tucked all snug in their beds. Unfortunately, you may not be as safe you think while you are sleeping in your bed.Even a mattress that looks cleaned and has been recently vacuumed may well be far dirtier than most people imagine.

Just think about it, most of us spend a 1/3 of our lives in bed. Your mattress simply lies there and not only collects dust and pollen from the air, but is subject to germs, bacteria, perspiration, hair and body oils, body secret rations, dead skin cells and the dust mites that feed off dead skin cells. In addition, mattresses can also become stained and have a stale scent that can disturb your sleep, leaving you tossing and turning.

In addition for those people who suffer from asthma or other respiratory difficulties the dust and dust mite excretions can be breathed in leaving you coughing and gasping for breath, while at the same time reducing the air quality of your bedroom.

Periodically Cleaning Your Mattress Can Help Keep You Healthier

Experts suggest that steam cleaning your mattresses at least two or three times a year will result in a better night’s sleep and overall better health. Hiring the professional mattress cleaning services of us here at Carroll Gardens Carpet Cleaners can provide you with the clean mattresses you want and need for your entire family

Professional Mattress Cleaning

While most home steam cleaning machines do a good job at cleaning, they don’t always do a good job at extracting the dampness back out of your mattress. When steam cleaning your mattresses with home or rental steam cleaners it often takes hours for your mattress to dry.

The longer it takes for your mattress to dry the more chance that mildew will have to get a foot hold in your mattress ticking. Our state of the art steam cleaners will deep clean your mattresses removing the dirt, germs, bacteria, and odors and leaving your mattress drier providing less chance for mildew to begin to take root in your mattress ticking.In addition, we use our organic cleaning products to remove stubborn stains and odors.

Our organic cleaners are safer to use on mattresses than those chemical cleaning products because they won’t leave behind any chemical odors for you to breathe in during your sleep. With our green cleaning products all you get is a fresh clean scent.

Residential and Commercial Mattress Cleaning

We do both residential and commercial mattress cleaning. Not only will we clean the mattresses in your home, but we will also clean mattresses in hotels and furnished apartments. Periodically steam cleaning commercial mattresses will extend the useful life of your mattresses.

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