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Our Water Damage Repair Service

We’ve all seen those movies where a washing machine is overloaded or a child plugs up a toilet and a room or home becomes flooded with water and/or soap and had a good laugh at these made up situations, however, when such situations happen in real life it’s no laughing matter. The truth is that water damage to your home can result in several thousands of dollars in damage and even have an adverse effect on your health. While an overloaded washing machine or a plugged toilet can cause serious water damage there are many other causes of water damage as well including:

  Plugged or broken toilets
  Leaking appliance hoses
  Breaches in storm drain protocol
  Leaking Basements & crawlspaces
  plugged sinks, showers, & tubs
  Major flooding
  Broken water mains
  Leaking roofs
  Broken water pipes
  Leaking radiators

The Longer It Takes To Repair Your Water Damage

The problem with water damage is that the longer it takes to remove the water and repair the damage the more damage your home may suffer.

Water has a tendency to soak into everything including your walls, floors, furniture and carpeting where it can spread the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria and rot wooden studs and beams. Unattended water damage can actually adversely affect the structural integrity of your home.

Finding the right professional help to help you quickly and effectively deal with your water damage can end up saving your money, worry and stress. Here at Carroll Gardens Carpet Cleaning we offer 24/7 water damage repair services so that you can get the help you need when you need it.

Our Water Damage Repair Services

We offer our customers the complete range of water damage repair services from start to finish. Our services include:

Temporary emergency repairs

If you have a flow of water continuing to enter your home, the first step you need to take is to stem the flow of that water. Our water damage repair technician can make temporary emergency repairs to stem the flow of water until things are cleaned up and permanent repairs can be made.

Water Removal

We have powerful commercial extractors that quickly and effectively remove any standing water from your home as well as dehumidifiers that can dry out your floors, walls, carpeting, furniture and the air itself to help reduce any further damage and stem the growth of bacteria and mold.

Clean up

We will also clean up the affect area. Clean up may include sanitizing the affected area, treating it for mold and mildew and cleaning your upholstered furniture and carpeting.

Permanent Repairs

Once the clean up is completed our water damage technician will thoroughly inspect the damage area and then make the necessary permanent repairs to return your home to its previous condition.

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